Supply Chain Management & Planning

At the core of delivering a robust market strategy, is having an effective supply chain strategy and an integrated approach to be able to execute it. This means having the capability of facilitating not only internal planning and re-planning, but also to synchronise with external business partners and stakeholders in the extended supply chain environment. 

Importantly, the disciplines of data management, Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRPII) and systems integration are key to staging and managing an effective supply chain.

If you are interested in discussing the possibilities in developing and refining your supply chaincontact us to discuss how our workshops can assist you to create an agile and responsive supply chain. 

Business Integration in the Service Industry

  • There is a dictum that says that Business Integration, S&OP applies only in product based industries
  • Well, we've spent the last two years disproving this belief  and have successfully implemented a Business Integration, S&OP programme in a service organisation. With excellent results
  • If you'd like to know more about this implementation, give us call and we'd be more than happy to discuss

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