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Welcome to the Integratos (IPL) Club. Our missions is to enable Business Integration, S&OP disciplines in every organisation. One way we can do this is to share some of the core and foundation knowledge so people can better understand the importance and application of this vital decision-making framework, relative to their strategy, culture and markets.

By registering on the IPL Club you can access free on-line education and content to help increase your knowledge of Business Integration and S&OP. Simply click on the Tree of Knowledge button below to get started or to log on.

For our clients who have private education and content on our site, simply click on the Private Members button below to access your company specific education and content.

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“API has made a huge difference to the way we work. Now I am looking forward to having the system supply the data, seamlessly, to help us make better decisions" - Greg Warren, General Manager, Minova Australia

“The banks said there are only 10% of clients who come to us with a plan, and only 30% of that 10% actually deliver, and we're one of that 3%.”  Craig Mills, Managing Director, PCA Australia

“I can’t understand how an organization can run effectively without a Business Integration framework.” Gary Helou - CEO Sunrice Australia

““… integration only comes after a long slog of dedicated leadership ...” Jayson Fox - Integration Director - Barbarques Galore Australia

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