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Mikael Hatzis – Principal

Mikael is an honours graduate from the University of Sydney, with post-graduate studies in the medical sciences. After several years of working in the sciences, he decided to broaden his horizons in business management. His experience now spans over 20 years with various management roles in strategic planning, marketing and sales and product development.

Mikael is an accomplished educator and communicator having worked with the executive teams of large multi-national businesses, including Fortune 500 companies like Diageo in the UK, Holland, Asia Pacific and USA, Johnson & Johnson, GlaxoSmithKline, Kellogg, Coke, Cadbury, P&G amongst them. His assignments have often been in complex and challenging environments, where he draws on his scientific background to apply the principles of systemic thinking to unlock value and potential in an organisation.

His experience and knowledge covers a broad range of industries, including medical, beverages, retail and FMCG. Over the years Mikael has acquired a keen specialisation in advanced business integration (aka S&OP), which create a powerful decision-making platform, assisting executive teams to express and operationalise their strategy. Business integration enables the management team to see over the business horizon – creating long-range visibility. This allows the business to foresee and manage risks and opportunities in the marketplace, whilst optimising the approach to the annual plans and strategy. Consequently, business integration holds a unique place in management theory and practice.

Mikael's primary role is to act as an educator, mentor and change agent, assisting management teams to create a high performance organisation. He has an engaging and challenging style, and enjoys working with executive teams.

Mikael can be contacted on mikael.hatzis@integratos.com.au or +612-9907-7500.

Our Values

  • Our programmes should deliver real (demonstrable) value to our clients
  • We invest in the success of our clients programmes
  • We create meaningful and mutually beneficial partnerships
  • We believe In creating flourishing transformations to leave behind a positive legacy

To inquire about our book please email us at information@integratos.com.au 

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