Marketing, Sales and Demand Management

We often say that all elements of a business are critical in Business Integration, S&OP, but developing effective demand management and forecasting processes are arguably the most critical. From a strategic perspective, this is the most fundamental level of expressing our customer and market plans within the S&OP framework. Connected to this is that demand generation, forecasting and management determines the fidelity or quality of the demand signal, and therefore the potential noise and chaos that is injected into the business. Remember this signal, in an integrated organisation, is used by all other departments to generate their forward S&OP plans. 

Again, the basic business science around developing robust demand generation and management processes has been written and time tested. There are several reasons why companies chose to ignore this. However, making this area of the business strong is critical to staging a strong competitive posture, and maintaining a vital S&OP process to enhance the decision-making capability of the business as a whole. 

If you are interested in developing or enhancing your S&OP process, through improving your demand management potential, contact us to discuss how our Demand Management workshops can assist your business to improve your performance in the market place, and profitability.  
Business Integration in the Service Industry

  • There is a dictum that says that Business Integration, S&OP applies only in product based industries
  • Well, we've spent the last two years disproving this belief  and have successfully implemented a Business Integration, S&OP programme in a service organisation. With excellent results
  • If you'd like to know more about this implementation, give us call and we'd be more than happy to discuss

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