Data Management

The accuracy of key master data is so fundamental to good business practice, that without it not much else can function effectively. Without the right data, and high ongoing accuracy of that data, systems can not function. Therefore processes can not be enabled. Ultimately people get so frustrated with erroneous data, that they ignore it, and develop their own data and systems, which only exacerbates the problem. In this environment, it's impossible to implement any viable form of Business Integration, S&OP. So it's a must to have solid, reliable and accurate data framework in place.

In summary the key elements to be addressed are highlighted in the graphic below.

If you are concerned about your data accuracy and management, or are considering implementing a new system, contact us to discuss how our Data Management workshops can assist you to create a strong data management platform. 


Business Integration in the Service Industry

  • There is a dictum that says that Business Integration, S&OP applies only in product based industries
  • Well, we've spent the last two years disproving this belief  and have successfully implemented a Business Integration, S&OP programme in a service organisation. With excellent results
  • If you'd like to know more about this implementation, give us call and we'd be more than happy to discuss

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