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Integratos  - Sales & Operations Planning Consultancy

Integratos is an Australian based International S&OP consultancy, established in 2005 by Mikael Hatzis

We are very proud to announce the formation of Integratos India in February 2017. Integratos India is headed up by Dinesh Nair

Integratos specializes in creating custom-built S&OP programmes specific to your needs and objectives..

We do this by partnering with the leadership and management team to bring your annual plans and strategy to life. We work closely with you from start to finish and invest our own capital (Performance Partnership Programme) to ensure optimal outcomes.

At Integratos we believe in people and releasing their potential. For us, business performance and competitive advantage are directly linked to how people in a business engage. That's why, starting with the executive team and moving through the organisation, we share knowledge that enables people to participate with confidence. Then, with the teams insights we design processes that are specific to the company's DNA – that are relevant, robust and fit for purpose, to deliver tangible performance and to enhance your position in the market

Our Values

  • Our programmes should deliver real (demonstrable) value to our clients
  • We invest in the success of our clients programmes
  • We create meaningful and mutually beneficial partnerships
  • We believe In creating flourishing transformations to leave behind a positive legacy

To inquire about our book please email us at information@integratos.com.au 

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