• Making the Best Decisions
    Making the Best Decisions

    All decisions carry risk. How do you choose the best ones for your company's future?

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  • Operationalise Your Strategy - sales and operations planning
    Operationalise Your Strategy

    You may have a great strategy - but is it effectively and visibly deployed?

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  • Just Winning
    Just Winning

    Is your organisation set up to win?

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  • Think. Aim. Fire.
    Think. Aim. Fire.

    Business Integration and the discipline to hit the target

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  • Investing to win
    Investing to win

    Do your consultants invest their cash in your success?

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Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) Consultants

Winning in business requires making the right decisions, at the right time. But in today's business environments, with interconnected processes, aggressive competitive activity, and complicated value chains, business outcomes and decisions often become disassociated from cause and effect. 

By creating and implementing company specific Business Integration, S&OP disciplines, a business can gain a significant advantage in the market, increasing competitiveness, agility and profitability.

At Integratos we deliver complete S&OP platforms, or focus in on specific integration and planning elements. These include Integration Diagnostics, Custom-built S&OP Education and Design Workshops and ongoing coaching. 

Importantly, we believe we should have skin in the game, and we reserve a significant amount of the cost of the programme, to be paid on condition of achieving the agreed to outcomes and performance.

An Effective S&OP Process Can deliver

  • An integrated business management process to make the best decisions and guide your business to its goals
  • Demand management frameworks to create agile and responsive marketing and sales planning and execution
  • More efficient supply chains and resource/inventory management
  • Consistently high levels of customer service at less cost
  • More time to deliver your strategy
  • A few simple but critical KPIs driving behaviour
  • A foundation for future sustainable competitiveness and improvement

Contact us or call us today on +61 2-9907-7500 to discuss how Business Integration and S&OP will benefit your business.

Online Integration Survey and Business Integration (S&OP) Education

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Integratos India

We are very proud to announce the opening of Integratos India. 
Integratos India is headed up by the Managing Partner, 
Mr. Dinesh Nair. 

Dinesh has a wealth of experience with over 25 years in 
senior management and executive roles in Novartis and 
Nestle Asia Pacific.

Integratos India offers a full suite of Business Integration/S&OP 
products and services. For all enquiries please contact 
dinesh.nair@integratos.co.in or visit our web site 
at www.integratos.co.in



The Art of Sales and Operations Planning

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